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Athena has helped sharpen our organisation's mission and vision, enhanced our media performance and helped us identify a clearer vision about how to reach our most important constituencies.quotation mark

Matthew Hamilton, Director of Operations and Public Affairs, Headstrong

Clients - BBC Radio 4

Project: International factual radio documentaries production.

Athena Media is a registered supplier to BBC Radio 4, BBC's premier speech radio channel in the UK. Athena Media's documentary "Hibernia Hunting", which followed the lives of UK families who moved to Ireland to continue fox hunting in the wake of the UK ban, was broadcast in January 2006. Athena Media also produced another BBC Radio 4 commission, "White Girl Running", the story of South African Melanie Verwoerd, which was broadcast in mid 2007 and repeated in February 2008.

The documentary was also broadcast on BBC World Service.
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